Preparations for every race

Race Signup

If you are racing you will be assigned to one of the teams. You will be given a WTRL RACEPASS link to sign up for the relevant event.

If you manually signup for an event using the companion app your results will not be counted.

Race Day

  1. Please test comms when warming up. The link to Discord can be found int he group description of the TTT chat groups.
  2. Make sure you are warmed up and in the pen 5 minutes before the event is scheduled to start. If you clicked the RacePass link then you should see a Join Event button on screen in Zwift.
  3. No sprinting at the banner drop like a solo race. Starting pace will be discussed on Discord.
  4. Quickly get into formation. Try and get into a line and try not to overlap other riders.
  5. Try not to race your team.
  6. Recover when not pulling.
  7. Avoid gaps at all times.
  8. Communication is key to a smooth TTT. Say 'Name is pulling from time a to time b'. For example 'Heidi is pulling from 5:00 to 5:30'.
  9. When passing other teams you should be prepared to push a bit harder to get past them and break any sticky draft. You must not draft them or the team may get disqualified. If you are overtaken by a group then let them go, don't hold they draft.
  10. The team time is taken for the fourth rider over the line.
  11. If you are struggling say something. Don't force yourself to keep pushing and hurt yourself. There is no shame in skipping a turn and sitting in. By being in the group you increase the draft and speed.
  12. And, most importantly, have fun and don't be 💩.