Preparations for your first race

Zwift Power

You will need to sign up to Zwift Power and join the Sunrise Racing Team. You should set this team to be your primary team.


To signup for races you must have a WTRL account. Visit and register. From the WTRL website you can see the upcoming events and view the race results. To be able to signup for WTRL RACEPASS events you will need to ensure that your WTRL profile page has your Zwift ID correctly configured.


If you are a member of Strava you can join the SRT club.

You may want to sign up for and connect it to Strava or Garmin Connect. You can also join the SRT group on


Most communication is done over WhatsApp. The main group chat can be extensive so you may want to mute for that group. You will be invited to the groups you need to be in.


During races teams will communicate over Discord. You should get this installed before your first race, and links will be sent to join the channel.

Next Steps

Once you have completed the above, you should read the Every Race guide. But before that you might want to relax and watch Cobra Kai.